Aspen Update-Families

Aspen 5.6 Changes

1. Larger font and increased white space in all views and layouts with repositioned page titles and menu toolbars for greater accessibility. Set Preferences is now located under your Name.
2. The Classes page (Academics top tab) shows a summary of attendance and performance.
3. The Scores column (Academics top tab) displays more information about a student's assignments.
Academics top tab > select the class > Assignments side sub-tab > Score column.
o "Missing" indicates an online assignment was not submitted on time.
o "Excluded from averages" indicates that a teacher has blocked an assignment's score from students' averages.
o "Calculate as full point value" shows that Aspen included the assignment's total points when calculating the student's average.
The Average Summary section now displays the average, by term, for each assignment category (such as quizzes or homework), as well as the weight of each assignment category towards the overall grade each term.
Academics top tab > select a class > Details side tab > Average Summary section
o Exempt: Aspen will not count this assignment when calculating the student's average.
o Calculate as zero: Aspen counts this assignment as a zero when calculating the student's average.
o Calculate as full point value: Aspen includes this assignment's total points when calculating the student's average
4. A new Grades widget displays a student's average and attendance information for a grading term.
a) Pages top tab> Grades section below Published Reports-'click to view academic information'

Aspen Mobile-only Enhancements
o Students can click the new Back button to return to the previous page instead of using the breadcrumb. The View Full Site link will take students back to the Home page.
o Enhancements to the Aspen app Grade Notification include the Assignment and Class Name. (Academics top tab)
o Current Term and Current Year drop-downs have been added for class lists, so students and parents can view a student's progress from previous terms (Academics top tab).
o An issue with scrolling on list pages on mobile devices has been improved (Locate a Student, Academics top tab, and Attendance side tab).

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