Program of studies

General Music Program: Kindergarten music classes meet twice a week for 30 minute classes and grades one through five meet twice a week for 45 minutes. For grade six, music classes meet once a week for 45 minutes.

Instrumental Program: All students learn to play the recorder in the third grade with the guidance of their music teacher. In the third grade students may begin violin, viola, or cello lessons with the orchestra teacher. Starting in the fourth grade, students may expand or continue instrumental lessons with band or orchestra teachers. Students may choose between band (flute, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, drums) or string (violin, viola, cello) instruments. Students receive a weekly lesson during one of their two general music classes and participate in a weekly large group instrumental rehearsal which is held during the EDU (Exploring, Discovering, and Understanding) Block at the Village School.

Choral Program: Students in grades PreK 3 experience choral experiences with their music teacher in music class. In grades four through six, chorus becomes one of the choices within the EDU Block. The fourth grade chorus concentrates on a combination of musical theatre for the first half of the year and concert choir music for the second half of the year. The fifth and sixth grade choruses concentrate on concert choir music throughout the year.
Performance is an important component of the music program. Students have the opportunity to perform in winter and spring concerts. Other times, the music teacher, art teacher, and classroom teacher(s) collaborate for students to present their art teacher, and classroom teacher(s) collaborate for students to present their understanding of curriculum through an interdisciplinary approach by incorporating oral, written, visual, and musical performance within the concert event. Examples of these large scale events include Bell School Winter Concert, Bell School Fine Arts Day, Glover MultiCultural Fine Arts Day, the Coffin Puppet Parade and the Village Pops Concert. Other rich examples include Solo & Duet Concerts at Village School, musical performances that might be a part of allschool community meetings, or when the 5/6 String Ensembles performs the overture as part of the school’s musical. These performances may happen during the school day or scheduled for an evening performance.


Students in grades seventh and eighth grade have music classes every day for 10 weeks, before students move to another Unified Arts class. Middle School students also have the opportunity to participate in the chorus, band, and string programs during the Performing Arts Block. The PA Block offers students the time to have rehearsals as an ensemble.

High School

The music program offers a variety of instrumental, choral, and music appreciation classes. As part of the graduation requirements, students are required to take 10 credits or 2 years from the fine and practical arts. Detailed descriptions of course offerings can be found in the Course of Studies or a hard copy can be found in the Guidance Office.

String Ensemble
Music History
Concert/Marching Band
Music Theory
Stage Band/Jazz Band
Treble Choir
Guitar Techniques
Mixed Choir
Chamber Choir
Music in a Digital World

Each year, many of our performing arts students audition for regional and state competitions. We have had the distinct honor of having Marblehead students participate in Junior and Senior Districts, All State, and All Eastern festivals.

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