SchoolMessenger Notification Service

The Marblehead Public School system has adopted the SchoolMessenger Notification Service to enhance school-to-home communication. This service allows Superintendent Maryann Perry and district administrators to send a voice, email and/or text message to designated contacts for families. The majority of the broadcasts will be Non-Emergency in nature. Only Superintendent Perry would initiate an Emergency Broadcast.

All non-emergency messages may be sent to two phone numbers and two email addresses that parents/guardians have designated as 'Primary'. Emergency broadcasts would be sent to additional phone numbers and email addresses, if the parents/guardians have provided them. Duplicate numbers/addresses are flagged by the system to eliminate repeat calls.

District administrators may utilize SchoolMessenger for:
• District-wide safety and security issues
• Cancellations, delays, or early dismissals due to inclement weather
• District bus transportation issues, including the closure of the Causeway

Your child’s school’s administrators may utilize SchoolMessenger for:
• Extra-ordinary building conditions, such as heat, light, and/or plumbing issues
• Neighborhood construction issues affecting traffic patterns or parking
• Early Release and Open House reminders
• Report card, progress report and parent-teacher conference reminders
• Transportation messages, such as late bus routes or field trip
• Athletic events/cancellations or reschedules
• Fine Arts productions/cancellations or reschedules
• Surveys on timely educational topics

What you need to know about receiving SchoolMessenger calls:
• Your caller ID will display your school’s or the district’s main number when a non-emergency call is
generated. Caller ID will not display a name with the number.
• Background noise from answering machines or cell phones might affect the message’s clarity.
• At any time during the call, the call recipient may press any number (1-9) to replay the message in its entirety.

Contact information for SchoolMessenger communications is pulled from your Aspen contact records. To update your contact info, follow the instructions below:

Emergency Card Update Instructions

Before you try to login, be sure you have enabled pop up windows from Many computers have more than one pop up blocker installed. Most web browsers have their own pop up blocker and tool bars such as Google or Yahoo also can have their own pop up blocker. If you do not know how to enable pop ups from one web site (, then you should allow all pop ups while using Aspen.

IMPORTANT - The changes you submit with this process will not show up immediately.  Your child's school office needs to review the changes and post them.  Please do not submit changes for the same child more than once.  If your changes are not appearing after one week, please contact your child's school office.

 1. Browse to Aspen.
 2. Log in with the username and password you received in the mail/email. If you did not receive a username and password, please email us.
 3. Once you are logged in, you can start the Emergency Card Update process - click on the initiate button in the Tasks area to the right.
 4. Leave the Workflow set to Contact Verification and the date to today's date.
 5. Click on the magnifying class to choose one of your children. You will need to run this workflow task once for each child you have in the school system.
 6. Click on the button next to your child's name and click ok to select them.
 7. Click next to go to step 2 of the wizard.
 8. Any current information we have in the system will appear in the boxes. Correct or fill in all the fields. Please be sure to scroll down and right to see all the fields.
 9. Click on the Contacts tab at the top to see the list of Parent/Guardian Contacts
 10. Click on each contact name and update the information. Click OK to save the information.  If you need to add or remove a parent contact, please contact your child's school office.
 11. When you have completed filling in the fields, click next
 12. Click Finish
 13. If you have more than one child in the Marblehead Schools - return to step 3 to run the Contact Verification for each child you have.
The changes you submit are reviewed by the school office and posted to your child's student record.
Please email us if you have questions.

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