TIDES Program

Therapeutic Intervention Designed for Educational Success
The Glover, Village and Veterans Schools, Grades K-8

The TIDES K-8 Program is a special education program developed to address the comprehensive educational needs of students diagnosed with an emotional disability that interferes with successful independent learning in the general education classroom. Students who qualify for this program generally demonstrate an inability to consistently self-regulate their behavior within a general education classroom. The program focuses on daily academic instruction in an environment of consistent behavioral management strategies to aid in the development of appropriate social/behavioral skills. The TIDES program follows the Massachusetts Common Core State Standards and includes all fundamental academics.

Program Components

High staff to student ratio
Individual and small group academic instruction
Individualized behavioral interventions with emphasis on positive behavior supports
Development of appropriate social, educational, and functional behavior skills
Participation in the general education setting as appropriate
Individual counseling and social skills group
Assistive technology consultant to provide support with the implementation of instructional tools, software and products to enhance learning

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