VOICE Program

Vocational Opportunities, Independence, and Continuing Education
Ages 18 to 22

The VOICE Program is a full day special education program designed to address the continuing need for vocational and life skills training for young adults aged 18 to 22, who are diagnosed primarily with cognitive or neurological impairments. The VOICE program assists students who have completed their high school experience and need to continue programming to reach a level of independence. The VOICE program provides students with specially designed courses and hands-on community based work experiences.
The program focuses on the application of functional academics, vocational opportunities, community experiences, independence, and self advocacy. Students are provided with an array of opportunities for internships, vocational experiences as well as an avenue towards acquiring competitive employment.

Program Components

High staff to student ratio
Comprehensive Transition assessments
Vocational skills instruction
Independent Living skills instruction
Continuing education opportunities with local community colleges
Travel training
Behavioral Support provided by a Board Certified Behavior Analyst
Social Skills group
Coordination with collateral agencies when needed
Assistive Technology consultant to provide support with the implementation of instructional tools, software and products to enhance learning

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